Types Of Gamers

I barely play video games Are you talking about you? Play games all the time? No, I don’t my controller literally had dust all over it Brett Stop acting like you. You’ve you faint misspoke you always a game. I see you online on the joint You always playing game playing games might be a priority in your life, but it is not my okay, okay Can I can I hope you for that load of time or are you good Hey, we can play another game honk here, but I’m just like this is boring. It’s not even like fun to me The person that plays the game in a yelling the entire time salute Hey, I sure neighbors wanted you can keep it down a bit The game is willing to give up and counsel because they’re butthurt over Video game over you had your Video game players have The gamer that is way too invested into a video game they didn’t win got the strategy guide they looked up the cheat codes They didn’t Google about all the seeming spots on the map and you doing too much. Oh No what you no? No, I’m just chilling Hey, I just got all the brand new cheat codes for all the games that come on 2020 so basically I’m gonna study all the Chico’s to all the games hone in that way when the game come out I won’t have to strategize because I already know all the cheat codes to the games So I’m gonna get hell it does and come out on top. I think it’s about Well to 300 sheets of paper, they don’t charge like a $500 you notice I’m not support we had it’s like let me get sued but a once I get this knowledge I’m going to be a beating and you got to give it life man It’s just a video game Hey, that’s fine and that’s your opinion but but when 2020 coming to games drop don’t be trying to get me to help you out ain’t coaching you up this gonna be too late the Wannabe gangster slash tough guy on the internet gamer. We all have come across this person Hey stop, you not gonna come to my city.

You’re not gonna take a flight here tomorrow You’re The gamer that only plays one game like it’s hundreds of games out there to play but they just stuck on one single game Nah Nah, you gotta know you gotta by daylight nah, I know you got 493 I’m cuter this fruit what I still don’t have anything what your ball my guy is to take me already You’re not trying to see me to cave. I don’t know why you hit me up. You know, I’ll play none of them other That’s too many games You need to focus honey. You can’t be good at all games get one game here today That’s what I do the gamer that stays quiet no matter what’s going on. Haha The situation might be it could be getting his neck ball completely off, but he just stays quite you know We just got to communicate better Getting shot. Yeah.

Yeah, I’m down. Oh My bad the person that wants to bet all the time not all the time normally, they’d wait today lose and they’re like Oh, that’s better. That’s best for money on just work us money online is not going to make you better you probably gonna take another LMB man be like Yeah, you got to get better at all.

I can’t keep whooping you liked it. Hey, hey Okay. Hey, listen, don’t don’t get it confused. We just playing I’m just I’m just messing around Alright, bye if you really want to play serious serious we can bet that money No, I’m safe twenty dollars Way out and lets you feel me put put your money where your mouth is We can bet I know we can bet I just want to play Rick we can bet I know that you said it already I like you kind of same damn thing over and over we can bet the silent Rage quitter if you know somebody like this in real life, you got to just keep an open eye out for them You know I’m saying normally they probably got something wrong with did a little mental up here Just just keep an eye out for me. Probably.

They probably bound to do some crazy. Yeah, well, not me, but I got I gotta Go Yeah, yeah, yo, hey did you get the Game when it does all the time like all the time all the time. Hey, I just got sniper.

Hey, I’m down. Somebody come about Shot oh hey, um fellas, I died again. Y’all got a stove. Hold it down clutch it off Yeah, that’s me the Gambrinus trash at every single game They play by no matter what game they play no matter what level of it can be a damn cell phone game They trash at every single game Where we go back third, I beat you take more Super Bowl Play them. Sorry I’ll be taking mortal combat The game it has their mic all the way turned up So when they talk to you to their low heated piece It feels like your ears are about to start bleeding you. Yo, you got a mic got A mind below but but but you loud as hell to your mic man.

Oh, man I only got one volume up and up up. Sorry about that Dang the game minutes plan I’m an Internet in there on the phone the whole time probably talking to a girl boo Loving get off the phone where I don’t know. I want to hear all that conversation We’re trying to communicate what you can’t even communicate, which is every time we talk to you garlic You told any girl talk was going on. I might need someone I Know they did you just call me babe. Now. I’m talking about gorilla focus Yeah, I’m focusing on you, and I’m just playing a game with the home And chill weird shell footway, baby.

I’m not I’m not I want to talk about it I mean I was talking to you. I was talking to him. What are you busy with your hos? Not no hold.

He’s my homeboy. They all glue. I’m over it. But what did you talk about?

A knock can’t get off from work. I know your friends hate him, you know, I didn’t mean it like that, babe You need some new friends. I don’t want to find new friends I won my you got that reality TV drama type load. They broke out a log over the broke gamer Let’s run some Co D. Hey, yeah. Yeah.

Hey, I’m down. Let’s get on some teen deathmatch. All right, babe.

Oh, let’s do it Hey won’t let me add you did you download the new maps? Where did you buy the new maps? How much sad well if you get the season passes $80, but do you just buy this map pack a 17? What am I like three or four dollars?

You need to give me like a man and a half? Nah, they don’t do it like that. I can’t call them in. I can’t call her I probably get the mass on next week, man If I ran do uh, uh next month, I’m gonna get a new match next month What a new maps gonna be old by next month if you think about that, that’s true Then the new maps will be low mats. But yeah It is who did the gamer that loses and wants to play you in that sport or activity in real life where just take it out You don’t take it to the next level just take you Just okay.

Okay. All right. You got jokes you Charlie sarcastically you want to play me in real life We can play a role on it’s just a video game you feel about go get a basketball we go to the core I never Get his 1v1 going. I’m winning we can get it going so mad I’m not mad or upset. I Don’t have a problem I can take I’m gonna tell y’all this is a this is an L in a video game you feel me?

When will you playing? We’re a light I guarantee I won’t take no help. So whatever you want to do okay lace up your basketball kids and let’s get to The gamer that is tearing the controller up a sound. I handed WWE wrestling match versus the controller The camera that loses and tries to say the reason why they lost is because it was they first came and they’re not damn Where you want? Hey, I’m kind of over playing you breads getting too easy Hey, hey tighten up twice my first game you only won because this do you wanna go first This is my warm-up game.

I got to be silly. You wouldn’t want me Come on down you always got to excuse warm and not you garbage. What are you talking about? It’s a warm-up never even counts anyway to count today. It doesn’t count Every game you play warm-up.

You can’t just go into the game and give it your all Okay the game where that blames his teammates every time he done by his never his fault. This is teaming Together yeah We start over I got three kills already know The person that barely plays the game at all But they’re good as hell like did the gaming gods just bless you with the ability to be great without having to practice I want to get Off and he put his name man to be honest never thanks for work. Yeah. Dang. How often do you play?

I’m play all the time like every day where I put in hours a day Again, like every single day of my life today, you put all of ours in and you stare. Sorry Maybe you should try something new like board games you right you man. You look like a good board gamer You write the gamer that eats Wow came in as messy as hell Tanner controllers up Smudging and smacking all in you ear stop doing it The gamer that has that sorry-ass waffle and blames everything on the fact that they’re lagging bit what’s going on with your internet speeds We started my playstation 3 time already.

Yes, and I call the people and he said was Freddy said the laws and Everything You know, I’m um, I’m gonna go to the fuse box. Let’s go box mystery often how think what number restart the whole house and see I Know You got jealous, they’ll need sub down a little bit. You got the last one the gamer That won’t give you a rematch all rubbish up man.

Who game? Hey, let me get a rematch. No, no, no Chill probably watch some messing some well sup. We’ll just run it back. Let me get a rematch.

No, no, bro I don’t want to play another game Brad this one. I’m good. Don’t you always do this when you win.

Come on, brother Why do you want a right number? I ain’t no rematch right now, it’s good. Just just hold your help. Maybe we’ll play tomorrow They’ll sit on you for a little bit.

Let it marinate We’ve done well, I guess you won’t be playing them over I guess we won’t be playing no more than the gamer that plays music while they’re playing the game Like don’t nobody want to hear your music like what I’m trying to hear the footsteps Or what’s going on in the game by how rude that you play your music pranking are kind of hot Don’t know That really thinks they’re going pro stop the school don’t quit your day job ain’t no probit Provost profile pro-life proactive. Oh Dang ding Ding dong yo but you don’t I meditate I was talking to the gaming gods something like researching and reading about and I really think I Feel like that’s my calling and that’s what I’m supposed to do Because I was Okay, so even when you play with the team you play later you still gotta smack my bro came in the been selected Let’s get it The gamer that always accuses the game of cheating Why play the game is beginning going cheetah mom. I’m tired of playing cheating as games Where are the regular smuggler bag of our fair games at fam? I’m nigga always waiting for this the gamer That rages like rages beyond belief quits the game.