Super Smash Bros

It’s Super Smash Bros ULTIMATE, baby! The most anticipated Nintendo Switch game of the year.

– The only reason why I want a Nintendo Switch. – I’m a giant Smash Bros fan. Since the day it came out to today, I’ve been playing it nonstop. – (FBE) Since you’re fans of Super Smash Bros, we brought both of you in to face off in a Super Smash Bros tournament.

– Mm! – I scared! – He should be!

– I don’t wanna be overconfident and say that I’m gonna kill it, because this is Smash. Anything could happen. But I’m so excited to do this right now. – (FBE) So, you guys are playing one match with three lives each.

The winner will move on to the final three-person match. – Gotcha. – Got it.

– We’re choosing the Final Destination version of the Wii Fit Studio. No platforms, no walls. – Just him, me, and the battlefield.

– I’m gonna pick Cloud just because he’s my boy. – I’m picking Snake, because the one time I played as Snake, I literally stood up against people who should’ve beaten me. – Woo! Smash Ultimate, yeah!

– Woo! Look at Snake in his little cheetah suit, looking so cute. – (voice-over) Go! – No, you can’t do that.

– Says who? – OHHHH! – Yes! – NO! No, you can’t just duck it! – ♪ Wa, na, na ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na ♪ – Woo!

Woo! – No, I missed! Oh! – Wait, no, no, NO!

Get out of that! – Oh, no! I almost up aired him. There we go.

Got him. Got him. – Oh my god! – Oh, no. Oh, no! Get up!

And just… I just knocked the smash ball off the edge. – No, let’s not use it.

Let’s not use it. – Okay. Oh, crap.

– Can you just kick this off? Ooh! – I have no recovery.

– Ah, how did I miss?! – Oh, crap. – Just don’t use it. – I can’t NOT use it. – Okay, then use it, and don’t use it on me. – Should I?

– NOOO! – You know what? Fine. There. – Thank you. – I wasted it for you.

– Thank you. How nice and kind you are. No! No!

– There. – Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop. There you go. – Oh, no! – Woo!

Woo! – No! – (cheers) Let’s go! Let’s go!

Let’s go! Let’s go! – Oh, crap. – Let’s go! Woo!

Woo! Woo! Oh, [bleep]! (cheers) – (FBE) Alicia, you’re going to the finals. – Yeah! – I’ve never been this mad on a–!

– Really, Jaxon deserves to be there, but hey, I’ll be there, win it for both of us. A win for me is a win for him. – So many options. – Hmm. You need– – Can be anyone I wanna be. – I’m just gonna go with my safety net, which is Luigi.

– Luigi? Olimar is who I played with in Brawl. – We just met.

Y’all are tearing up– we weren’t able to start this friendship. – Let’s do it. – Ooh.

All right. – (voice-over) Go! – So, get the items if you can. – I know, seriously.

– Ah, come on. There we go. – (both laugh) – Great start. – (screams and laughs) – Okay. All right. Stay on the platform.

You don’t wanna do that. – Okay. – Try and come back to the stage. Oh, you did it too early. – No!

(laughs) I killed myself someh– I don’t know what I did. I did it too early. – That was you! (laughs) – (voice-over) Game! – (laughs) I panicked.

And he’s intimidating! – You did great. – Last time I played this was not even too long ago. I was good at it. But also, I’m playing against my little cousins.

I thought I was okay at this game. I need you to win, though. – Yeah, okay. – Now, I want you to win. I’m rooting for you.

I’m rooting for you! – I’m gonna do it for her, guys! – (laughs) ♪ (thrilling music) ♪ – I wanna do Big Battlefield, but I wanna make it, like, BIG Big Battlefield, so it lessens the platforms, but it makes the area bigger. – I’m obviously gonna go with Ness. He’s my main boy.

– I’m gonna do Young Link. Ahhh! I’m so nervous, Danny! – Here we go! – Please, be nice!

– We’re just little kids playing games. – Here we go. – (voice-over) Go! – Nice. – (FBE) What’s happening, guys? – Oh, sorry.

– Oh. – So competitive! – You can’t really talk in Smash, brother.

– Get off the map! – Oh, you got it! Whoa!

– Here we go. Here we go. – I’ve never… – No!

– …known how to use that tool. – Pokeball. I don’t know what Pokeball that is, so… – It’s Deoxys. – Is that what it is?

I love that you know the name. Way more fun. Oh, get ’em. Get ’em, laser beam! – Oh my goodness. – Okay.

– You’re no joke, my boy. – No, I’m going after ya. Oh! Oh, there’s two of ’em? – Yeah, that’s the fake smash.

– Oh my god. This is nuts. What does that mean?

– Ha! – WHAT IS THAT?! What is that?! – Oh, I missed you!

– Oh, I was invincible! Ah. I’m getting nervous actually.

– Yeah. We’re now– – Boom! – All right.

– Oh, cool. – Nice. – Oh, man.

Nice! – Ah. – Yes, here we go. Let’s get him. Target him. Target him.

Where is he at? Did I get him?! – Nope. – (voice-over) Game! – Ah. – Game!

– AHHH! – Heart is beating! – Let’s play again. – (both laugh) – I want to.

I just wanna keep going. – (FBE) You made it to the final match. – Woo! – Yeah!

Congrats, everyone. – Yes! Congrats!

– I feel like my heart is still beating from playing against Brandon. It was really intense. – Hyrule Castle? – Yeah. You guys okay with that? – I’d be down for that one.

– Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – Me and Ness go all the way back to N64 when he was an unlockable character. He’s a kid with psychic powers. He will always be my favorite. – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

– I won with Snake, and I will win against as Snake. – May the best fighter win. – (Danny and Alicia) Here we go. – Oh my god, guys.

– Good luck, everyone. Also, I’m just excited we’re playing. I love this game.

– My stomach has dropped. – All right. Ah. – (voice-over) …one. Go!

– Woo! – Oh, I’m so sorry. – Off to a good start. – Can you not touch me with your people, please? – Oh, nice!

– Oh, fudge. – (groans) Okay, we gotta pay attention to the items. – Oh. – Yes!

– Oh, dang it! – Oh, [bleep]. No. No!

Oh, okay. I’m still here. Hello. – Oh, there you go. No?

No! – Oh, yes. – Woo! – OH! – Woo! – Oh, man.

– Oh my god! – Bye! – [Bleep]. I mean, [bleep].

– (laughs) – I mean… – Oh! – No matter how good you are, this is scary. – Oh my god! Please stop touching me. – Oh, what is this frickin’ item?

– NO! – Oh, no, no, no, no! – Ah, [bleep] frick.

– That is news. – Oh my god. I almost DIED! – Get out of the way! – Oh, no! No!

– How do you stay away from these dang items? – Woo! – Oh, there you go. Oh, I didn’t die. – Woo!

– How did you not die from that? – I don’t know. – I know. – Nice. Nice.

– Oh, there I go! [Bleep]. – Yeah. – Yeah, we’re all tied right now. – But that’s not fair, ’cause I have [bleep] on my– ugh! I have [bleep] to my name!

– Okay, look, look, I already have stuff on my name. Can we put some respect on it, please? – There it is. – Oh, man, the chickens.

– Can I get that, please? – There it is. – Oh man, the chickens! – Woo!

– Chickens! – Oh my god! – Oh my god.


No! Oh, no! – I got it! There it is!

– NOO! NO! You’re not gonna get me, bro!

You’re not gonna get me, bro! – I beg to differ. – No!

Oh my goddd! – Oh, oh, oh! – BOOM! Good game. (claps) – That is NO FAIR! – We all got to one at the end.

– Woo! – That was awesome. – Oh god, that was so good.

– Wow, that was good. – Nice job. – That was so good. – I’m feeling really good. Really, really good! – That was close all the way around.

– Yeah, it was. – Yeah! – [inaudible] any point, and we could be gone at any point. – Yeah, any point. – (FBE) How did you feel about this iteration of Ultimate overall? – I really liked it.

I’m really excited. I might go get it today if I can to keep playing. – I love it so much. I think this one really picks up the pace. I just think it’s a much better Super Smash Bros than the ones before.

– I love it so much. I think it’s way better than Smash 4. I think it combines the best of Melee and Brawl.

I love winning, so in this– you know, I needed this little boost. Thank you. I appreciate it. – Thanks for watching us play Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the React Channel. Subscribe for more gaming episodes. – Who’s your favorite fighter?