New Everett Casino

Money Is The Milk Of Politics Of The And I Wanted To Ask You Both About The Situation With The Everett Casino. Visit online casino and get yours 25 free spins no deposit bonuses from Casinoslots New Zealand. Now By The Time You See This Segment On Sunday, The Mass Gaming Commission May Have Taken A Vote On A Settlement Of A Lawsuit Filed By Encore Resorts Formerly Known As Winne Resorts That Attempted To Block Release Of The Report They Did On Whether Or Not They Were Lied To In The Course Of Granting The License To Then Winne Resorts. So About That, As A Disclaimer Here, It Just Seems As If The Gaming Commission Has Been Really Caught In A Vice Here. I Mean, The Contortions, The Secrecy About It.

What’s Going On? Well, A Lot Of It Has Been Happening Behind The Scenes. That Is A Question We Don’t Necessarily Know The Answer To. As You’ve Said The Gaming Commission Has Been Meeting In Executive Session To Discuss The Things That Are Legal Matters In A Court Case In Nevada Too. So It’s Hard To Follow From Kind Of The Massachusetts Side Of Things. There Is Attorney General Maura Healy Who Has Recently Expressed Hope That When A Report Is Out We’ll See As Much Information As Possible.

Because, You Know, They’ve Got An Obvious Political Problem. That Thing Is Built. Hundreds Of Jobs Are At Stake. They Can’t Pull The Plug On That License. On The Other Hand If They Don’t And The Report Is Damming About It Was Obtained Under False Pretenses That’s An Egg On The Face. It’s A Sticky Situation.

All You Have To Do Is Drive Up 93 North Of The City And You Can See That Hotel And Casino Is Standing There Waiting To Open And They’re Still Eyeing That June Opening Date. Maura Healy This Past Week Did Say She Doesn’t Think The Fact That Casino Is Standing There Should Have Any Relevance To The Commissioners But It’s Hard To Think That’s Not A Factor And They May Look. I Don’t Know But They May Look To What Happened In Nevada Who Took A Similar Look At The Allegations Against Steve Winne.

They Just Came Down, Found That The Company Did Shield Nevada Gaming Regulators From Some Of These Allegations And They Reached A Settlement With Winne And Fined Them $20 Million I Think The Largest Fine In History. Still Chump Change. A Drop In The Bucket To A Company Like Winne In Exchange They Would Not Revoke Their Suitability Or Ask Them To Close. Certainly A Situation Up And Running For Years With A Casino There That Hasn’t Even Opened Its Doors Yet But That May Be A Clue Or Blueprint The Gaming Commission Could Look To Follow.

We’re Out Of Time. I’m Going To Put You Both On The Spot With A Wicked Bad Pun. Would You Bet On That Thing Opening In June, Yes Or No? I Think So. All Signs Point To Forging Ahead. Yeah.

I’ve Had No Luck In The Past So I’m Going To– You’re Not A Gambling Fan. I’m Going To Keep My Money.