How To Play Three Card Poker: Casino Gaming Guide

Welcome to your casino resort gaming guide, where we take an inside look at how to play and win at the most popular casino games. On this episode of the gaming guide, we show you how to play three-card poker, three-card poker, isn’t easy to play poker game players simply place bets based on the odds that their three-card hand will beat the dealer’s three-card hand to begin the game. A player must make an ante bed by placing a chip on the ante triangle.

The dealer will then deal the player three cards facedown. Now the player reviews his hand here is what to look for in a good three-card poker hand, ranked from lowest to highest a single face card or an ace any pair, the higher the better, a flush all cards of the same suit, a straight all cards in A sequence, three of a kind, a straight flush, all cards in sequence and the same suit. After reviewing your cards for these poker hands, you have two options: a player can bet his hand, will beat the dealer’s hand by placing an additional bet on the play circle. Exactly equal to your ante bet: if the player has a poor hand, he can decide to fold and forfeit the ante bet.

Next, the dealer will reveal his hand. The dealer must have a queen or higher to play if the dealer does not have a qualifying hand. All players who are still in the game are paid one to one, otherwise, the highest poker hand wins.

If a player wins, he is paid one to one on his bed. However, if a player has a straight or better, the dealer pays out a nanny bet bonus at a level based on the hand, is a tie. The bets are a push and the player gets to keep his bed but does not win. As a last note, three-card poker also allows a player to place a completely separate bet on the game, known as the pair plus bet. The pair plus bet is simply a bet that you will be dealt a good hand specifically a pair or better, regardless of the dealer’s hand, this bet can be played independently or, in addition to the ante players who win. The pair plus bet are paid a bonus payout of up to 40 to one thank you for watching the sky youth casino gaming gun tune in next month, when we show you how to play the most popular poker variant, Texas, Hold’em, etc.