Finishing My Personal Gaming PC Setup!

– Hey guys, this is Austin, you might be familiar with this, my personal gaming PC, which has seen quite the update over the last couple of videos. We started out by trying to build something that was very high-end, we had a Core i7, and importantly we have 14 terabytes of hard drive space, Optane memory, all kinds of fun stuff. However, in the last update, we updated even farther, with the brand new Core i9-9900K, and an RTX 2080 Ti.

But, it’s still a PC that’s sitting all by itself. Which means it’s time for a brand new setup. So, Ken, what have you got for us?

– So, we’ve got this brand new LG monitor, I don’t even think this is out yet, right? – No, this is the new UltraGear. So, we did take a look at this briefly, at IFA, and LG was awesome enough to sponsor this video by not only hooking us up with the monitor, but trying to get this setup finally, well, not by itself. What’s cool about this monitor is, is that it is a full UltraWide as you would expect, 3440×1440, but importantly, as Ken rips the box in half, it also runs at a full 120Hz and that’s with G-Sync. – Let’s get this bad boy out. – Let’s pull it out, it’s actually not that huge, it is a 34 inch monitor but uh, it’s kinda manageable with one person. Just imagine, how you can play here

Can you grab the stand? We should probably build this out. – This is actually easy enough to set up I mean, usually these LG monitors just kinda slide in, I mean most monitors are like that too.

– No I’ll be real I mean, obviously LG is sponsoring this video, but I have personally been using LG monitors for a long time right, I mean my monitor at work it LG, my monitor at home is LG, this seems really sketchy to do this with one hand but I’m gonna do it anyway. – Yeah, there we go, cool. – Alright, that was easy, lets rotate it so it doesn’t fall off the table. – I’ll say first this looks really cool from the back. – Oh, so it doesn’t even have the RGB on. – Look at this like, just the vents alone with like the red accent – Oh, that is cool.

So the next step, is to actually get this set up where it should be, so right now we’re just putting it in the corner here to just make sure that all the accessories and the cables and stuff work, at some point this is going to make it to my house if we ever stop needing this PC in every single video we do, so let’s figure out how to move everything. – [Austin] I’m actually really excited to try this monitor, so we briefly got to take a look at it at IFA and it looked really nice but I didn’t actually get to play any games on it, – But with such a high resolution, UltraWide and it’s a 120Hz with G-Sync, I’m ready. – [Austin] Dude, that’s gonna look cool. – [Ken] And the red lights up too, everything lights up, that’s awesome. – [Austin] So we should almost for the final version of this set up, leave this in an open area so we can kinda show this off on the back.

Oh actually, to be fair the lighting might work if you do it against the wall so it might look like sort of like an underflow. – So something that I got is this Corsair mousepad that has a Qi charging zone so you can charge your phone in addition to using it as a mouse pad. – [Austin] I really like the idea of being able to charge your phone on your mousepad, I mean you already have to have a mousepad anyway and I’m charging my phone half the time I sit down on my desk. – It’s a little of a less thing to have and you have more space for a mousepad in general if you don’t use the Qi charging.

– Alright so we have a lot of USB ports we need for this one, in fact actually we’re kinda out of ports in the back, hmm. – [Ken] Well its okay because the monitor also has 2. – [Austin] 3440 x 1440, 120Hz look at that, look at that.

The mouse is really simple is really simple, it’s the BenQ ZOWIE FK1, its the same one that I’ve been using for what like at least a year now? So we’ve got that plugged in and we also do have our charging station which if I drop my phone on, it works. So the idea is you can be gaming and obviously if you want to clear off the entire pad you can sort of get that full range of motion, but if just wanna drop your phone on while you’re I don’t know on Reddit or something? What you do on your gaming PC that’s not gaming? The keyboard was a really easy decision here, we have the Razer Huntsman Elite.

Now we’ve done a whole video about this, we’ve featured it in a couple videos since, this is hands down my favorite keyboard that you could buy at all right now, not only do we have one in the office I know Jimmy uses one, I have one at home, this is straight up as good as it gets as far as keyboards go, you got the full RGB, the Chroma. But importantly you have those awesome opto, opto, electric mechanical. – [Ken] Optical laser – [Austin] Opto-Mechanical switch keyboard. I knew it I was kinda close.

Alright the setup is kinda looking a whole lot better right now, so just to recap first of all we do have my gaming pc, it’s got that Core i9-9900K as well as the RTX 2080 Ti and this is a lot of power because it is powering a very nice monitor, a monitor that has been overclocked to 120Hz. Now this monitor is definitely not cheap, but what I appreciate is it’s pretty much the best of both worlds, so as far as the gaming side you do have that high resolution, it is not only UltraWide display but it is also curved but importantly it runs a full 120Hz, now I’ve seen a couple monitors that are UltraWide but they’re a much lower resolution, but you’re getting a full 1440p panel, what also nice about that is that you’re not losing that vertical screen real estate for things like video editing which is the secondary use of this monitor as it actually has a full Nano IPS display which means you can do some proper creative work on here, you can watch some UltraWide video, you could do gaming, it really can do everything. That sounds like a really huge marketing tagline, but this legitimately is one of the most impressive monitors I’ve every tried because usually when it comes to game monitors, you have to make some kind of sacrifice, but the UltraGear doesn’t make you make that sacrifice. We’ve got a serious, serious audio set up going here.

So, first of all, were running from the pc into the Audioengine D1, this is serving as our DAC and then it goes into the Audioengine N22, which is powering our bookshelf speakers. When you crank it, it’s actually the best audio system I think we’ve ever had for a video, listen to that. Okay so we’ve had some really nice Fortnite setups lately, especially with the ultimate Thunderbolt, but this look at this, I’m playing at full 1440p on a curved UltraWide at almost exactly 120 frames per second, that is obscenely smooth that’s just not even funny, and obviously the videos not shot in 120Hz so you can’t really see it but I mean, the smoothness is ridiculous. I’m really happy that this setup is finally coming together, we spent a lot of time working on this PC and trying to get things as close as possible but we always feel as like we’re missing something but now we got the great display, we got the great audio, we got the great peripherals, it really does feel like the entire setup. Anyway hopefully guys enjoyed this wonderful video all about the new setup and specifically a huge shout out to LG for sponsoring this video with their dope UltraGear monitor, as always links to all this stuff will be in the description and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go probably lose again, because that’s what I do best, right Ken? – [Ken] Yeah.