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And now they’re fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread. and welcome.. “And if they proceed, but don’t succeed…” “And if they proceed, but don’t succeed…” ..finally “And if they proceed, but don’t succeed…” to Cuphead! “And if they proceed, but don’t succeed…” “And if they proceed, but don’t succeed…” Aw, it’s so good! Aw, it’s so good!

“Well…” “Well…” “The Devil will take THEIR HEADS! :D” I’ve been waiting for this game for so long, a lot of us have. Look at this guys ever since they first showed off this game… everybody has been excited for it, and it looks phenomenal.

I always knew the art style was gonna be good because we-we’ve seen it a bunch… and we’ve kind of seen the game in action and trailers and that, but I haven’t paid attention to anything from the game for… I’d say about a year. I-I look up news about it, but I haven’t looked at any trailers or footage or anything… I haven’t seen anything of the-the full released game now that it’s actually out, because I wanted to surprise myself with it.

I didn’t know the soundtrack was gonna be this good… which is also nice because I got the deluxe edition vinyl. So…now I’m really excited to listen to that! I just got the deluxe vinyl because I really like the art of it.

Little did I know the music was actually gonna be phenomenal. Okay, I just love barbershop quartets. They’re really good, but if you don’t know what this game is, this is a game they… announced a while ago and it’s like a… a side-scrolling game where you shoot things from your fingers and kill bosses and whatever.

It was supposed to be a boss rush game. The original idea for the game was just fighting bosses… I think, like a bullet hell game..?

But then after a while people liked the idea of the game so much that they wanted a full game, …so they took a really long time to release the game because they were building actual… levels to go through and more enemies and more scenarios and… like…just the aesthetic alone. It’s the really really old like.. ..Disney style the really really old cartoony style and they.. nailed it! Like, this is as close to that style you’re ever ever gonna get in a game… …and I can’t believe just how good it looks, but let’s get in and actually play the game instead of me just talking about it. Even theoptions menu looks amazing~! …Resolution…? No!

All right, who cares?! I don’t know what’s going on. Let’s just get into the game. I just wanna play. *smol dance break* “..Oh my God!” “Look at this!

Once upon a time in a magical place called Inkwell Isle there were two brothers named Cuphead and Mugman.” “They lived without a care under the watchful eye of the wise Elder Kettle.” “One day the two boys wandered far from home,” “and despite the Elder Kettle’s many warnings, ended up on the wrong side of the tracks…” “and into the Devil’s Casino.” “Inside, Cuphead and Mugman soon found themselves on a winning streak at the Craps table.”

“Hot dawg!” exclaimed King Dice, the casino’s sleazy manager.” “These fellas can’t lose!” “Nice run, boys,” laughed a newcomer. The brothers gasped. It with the casino’s owner – the Devil himself!”

“Now, how about we raise the stakes?” he suggested with a toothy grin.” *referring to the Devil* “…It’s my brother.” “Win one more roll, and all the loot in my casino is yours!”

the Devil boomed.” “But if you lose, I’ll have your souls! “Deal?”

“Cuphead, blinded by easy riches, nodded and grabbed the dice for a throw.” “Good gosh, Cuphead, no,” cried Mugman, for he understood the danger, but it was too late.” “Snake eyes!”

laughed the Devil while slamming the floor. “You lose!” “The brothers trembled in fear as he loomed over them. “Now, how about those souls?” “The brothers pleaded for their very lives.

“Th-there must be another w-way to repay you,” Mugman stammered. “Yes, p-please, mister!” Cuphead added “Hmm perhaps there is,” the Devil snickered, pulling out a parchment “I have a here a list of my runaway debtors. Collect their souls for me, and I just might pardon you two mugs.” “Now get going!”

the Devil roared, kicking the boys out the most– out most rudely “You have till midnight tomorrow to collect every one of those souls! Otherwise, I’ll be the one collecting yours!” Cuphead and Mugman were terribly frightened and ran away as fast as they could “C’mon, Mug!” panted Cuphead. “We have to find the Elder Kettle.

He’ll know what to do!” I am so into this It’s crazy how much they make it appear like it’s an old screen. Like an old CRT monitor What a fine pickle you boys have gotten yourself into.

I know you don’t want to be pawns of the devil! But if you refuse, I can’t bear to imagine your fates You must play along for now Collect those contracts, and you’d best be ready for some nasty business your debtor friends won’t be very friendly once you confront them In fact, I expect they’ll transform into terrible beasts! Now, take this potion So they won’t hang you out to dry. It will give you the most remarkable magic abilities Now go to my writing desk and use the mystical inkwell there. You need to prepare yourself for a scrap yeah even th the idle animation Okay, I can point up because I’m getting ready to shoot oh that’s not good oh I don’t like these buttons Okay, I might have to change these Because X right now is to shoot and that’s kind of annoying why can’t I just use the triggers Ah, okay, there we go.

Now it’s on the trigger Nice, okay, I’m getting it. I’m getting it. Tutorial. Yes. Let’s go. I want to figure out how to play this game Tutorial.

Duck Okay jump dash – ah okay, so I can go under sections alright. shoot hold for rapid fire pewpewpewpewpew pewpewpewpewpew Lock hold to stay in one place while aiming ah, okay So good aw, I have to shoot this BOOM that explosions really nice parry slap jump while airborne – another fire interactive objects Oh This also builds your super jump meter. Oh that might be weird what’s going on. It’s a ghost [weird echo voice] Thank yooou Okay, that’s two player only mode right X move Woah!

Hadouken! collect coins to purchase items from the shop And exit. is that all I needed to know? Apparently, this game is hard as balls. That’s all I’ve heard I haven’t actually watched any of the boss fights or any of the levels or anything like that from the full released game But that’s all I’m hearing people say is that how hard this game is so and I’m not the best of games But um I beat Sans in Undertale, so I’m amazing Okay, okay Off I go off I go Right I can do this I can do this cuz apparently the levels get aww, that’s cute Oh my god the music in this game is amazing Hello friend Hey fellas looks like you’re in for it now, eh? Well, I used to be the same way, always gettin’ into trouble running jumping shootin But now I prefer just strolling around and going to the pictures.

But hey, lemme me give ya a hand! Take this woah, holy They give me three gold coins already what’s this forest foodies run and gun Oh, this is an extra level. Okay. Got it.

ming required Okay an extra hit point. That’s incredibly useful. I can technically get both Adds additional hit point but likely weakens your attack power.

Oh come on game really? uthless Spread short-range with great damage if you can keep you close to the target Smoke bombs invisible dash you will not take damage during a dash a great defence maneuver. That’s nice Can I only buy one? Great coverage with average damage aim backward for maximum range I think this first of all P sugar automatic Perry the first party move is automatic all you need to do is jump Okay, yeah, the parrying system I don’t get yet.

Can I just jump into dudes? First parry move’s automatic, okay Invisible dash sounds really good cuz then I’ll just dash so that means I’m not in the air, so I can’t get hit while I dash Yeah, three and three. Aw, if only I had one more. If only I was better at the first level!

Could’ve got both of these I might get this as well Coffee super meter continuously fills in addition to what you earned, that’s good Good bye. Bye, Mr. Pig Man. So now I should be Now you gots to equip those new, p- no I’m not doing that voice, it’ll tear up my neck You gots to equip those new purchases if you want to use them. Look at your equipped card, ya bums Oh Shot a pea shooter.

and I should be using him to build my meter Wah wah Oh crybaby bitch I’ve got your number, see? Okay do all the damage I can right off the bat Okay, I got this. I know how we operate this time As long as I can destroy enough carrots at once nice Nice! Dude I’m a regular.